On the surface, the world is your oyster and you’re successful in what you do. But you’re stuck in a rut professionally or personally, or both. However, you’re determined to do something about it. You don’t want to live a life of “what ifs”. If this is you, my mission, and what I'm great at doing, is to enable you to tackle the challenges that hinder you from making the life you want a reality.

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    You’re successful but you feel stuck. However, you’re not sure what you really want, how to change things up or how to work your way up.

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    You feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You want more meaning and balance in your life, and to be more honest with yourself. You want to get rid of your “what ifs”.

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    Others might see you as a success story, but you lack genuine inner-confidence or you feel lost. You want a mindset that helps you take action and doesn't hold you back.

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    Outside thinking

    You don’t “need” coaching. But you recognise you rarely get unfiltered honesty and aren't challenged enough. You see that having a powerful voice in your corner could be the difference between the status quo prevailing and genuine change materialising

How I can help

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    You’re stuck in a rut that you’ve not been able to get out of. It's reached a point where something has to change. You can’t let things drift on anymore or carry on the way they are.

    If this describes how you feel about a specific element of your life or more generally, then feel free request an in-depth consultation with me. Helping people overcome said rut and make profound, long-lasting, changes in their lives is my bread and butter.

    Life is too short and too fragile to exist in a way that continually leaves you asking “what if”. Or which leaves you feeling bored, stressed or worn down. Or which holds you back due to inaction or indecision.

    In the consultation, we’ll look at how to change your life in a way which genuinely maximises your potential and gets rid of the “what ifs”. Our initial meeting will make clear the shifts required to make the changes you want and how I can help you with these. Often people experience profound shifts, insights or realisations just as a result of this meeting - which can be taken away and acted upon immediately.

    Examples of major areas that I have helped people make changes in include:

    • Setting up successful businesses
    • Significant changes in lifestyle or work-life balance
    • Chronic stress and anxiety
    • Relationships
    • Relocations overseas
    • Transformations in confidence and self-belief
    • Transformations in emotional wellbeing
    • Overcoming social anxiety
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Overcoming Bad habits
    • Transforming motivation and energy levels
    • Improving health and wellbeing

    If we go on to work together, I will help you overcome the mental barriers and thought patterns holding you back and support you in taking the action necessary to change things up. Doing this is what makes me tick. I'm very good at it and most importantly, I love it. This is about putting yourself in genuine control of your own life and being successful on your own terms. It’s about not living a life of “what ifs”.

    There will never be a perfect time and the first step is often the hardest. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch. And potentially everything to gain.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Are you a Coach seeking Supervision? Click here

    If you are already a Coach and in the business of changing people’s lives, what are you doing to keep your skills sharp? How are you ensuring you can create the most significant change possible for your clients? Only you know if you're doing enough - and if you're not, then you’re doing your clients a disservice.

    Coaching supervision has to date been under-appreciated. However, that is now changing and there is an increasing recognition of the role it can play in improving one’s coaching practice.

    I love helping other coaches develop and improve their skills. I love hearing about how they are able to serve their clients more powerfully after applying what they learn from supervision. Whether you coach privately with individual clients or in an organisation, I will work with you to support your professional development and help you maximise the impact of your work for your clients.

    This isn’t about assessing your coaching work. This is about providing you with a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to shine a spotlight on your coaching practice and focus on how it can be improved even further – that can only be good for your clients, which in turn can only be good for your standing as a coach. Areas where supervision can help include:

    • Understanding your clients better
    • Becoming more aware of your own reactions to your clients and how this affects your coaching
    • Understanding the dynamics of the coach-client interaction and its implications for your coaching
    • Scrutinising your interventions and their consequences
    • Exploring other ways of working with particular client situations
    • Moving towards professional accreditation with the International Coaching Federation – the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing standards in the coaching profession

    As well as the above, it is also a space to air frustrations, anxieties and anything around the impact your work is having on you personally. Being in the helping profession can take an emotional, mental and physical toll on you. It’s important to ensure you have a safe space to talk through issues and challenges that arise with a qualified and experienced coach who understands where you’re coming from

    If you would like to discuss in more depth how supervision with me would work and how it can support you, then get in touch to request a consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me

If you’re here on my website, I’m guessing you’ve got some level of interest or curiosity about what coaching involves. I’m guessing you also want to know how it might help you with your career or life. Most importantly perhaps, you’d probably like some idea of whether or not I'm well placed to work with you on this. So to help you with that, here is my background.

I work with professionals in the City and corporate world who want change, either in career or lifestyle, but aren’t sure how to make it happen or are fearful of things not working out. These are people who are very successful but who feel stuck in a rut. These are people whose public perception of them as success stories are often at odds with how they feel about themselves and their own situations. They’re wondering how to get out of said rut and how to be the best they can be – not just from a financial or career perspective, but as a person as a whole.

It is genuinely fascinating speaking to such successful people and helping them live in a way that leaves them with no regrets. I love doing this because I get to work with people who I ‘get’. I love that there is so much opportunity in how their lives can change. That I enjoy it so much is a big element of what makes me so good at it. The other two reasons are i) my personal and professional experience and ii) an obsession with human behaviour and psychology.

Sometimes there will be significant, tangible changes. For example, I’ve had one client who set up his own youtube channel and then proceeded to sell it after it had become so successful. Sometimes it will be small tweaks that have huge a impact – such as simple shifts in mindset that on the surface may not have a visible impact, but which can fundamentally reshape how someone feels about themselves or their work.

Life is too short and too fragile to not live in a way that gives you genuine meaning. Whether I am working with you to help you transform your career or some aspect or your personal life, the chances are there will be some change in mindset required and a greater sense of clarity about what you want. I will help you change your mindset and take action – action that will lead to you maximising your potential.

So, if you’re interested in finding out how I can help you transform your life, just get in touch for an initial chat. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I look forward to hearing from you and, perhaps, helping you to shake up your life!

p.s. a few other random facts about me:

  • I have a one year old boy and so my favourite past-time these days is sleep. Naps - I LOVE naps.
  • I love cricket, which happens when you grow up in a Pakistani family
  • I’m a comic book geek. All these Marvel and DC superhero films get me obscenely excited
  • I have severe OCD and Generalised Anxiety. I’ve had 3 courses of therapy and medication for these and they’re a big part of the reason I ended up in A&E. I’ve been learning every day for years how to manage it.
  • My favourite TV shows from the past year are Designated Survivor and Cold Feet
About Me

If you’re here on my website, I’m guessing you’ve got some level of interest or curiosity about what coaching involves. I’m guessing you also want to know how it might help you with your career or life. Most importantly perhaps, you’d probably like some idea of whether or not I'm well placed to work with you on this. So to help you with that, here is my background. I work with profess...

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Award-winning Women’s Business Coach, Speaker & Author, Founder of CEO Mums and MPower Academy


If you have a dream, and as much as you would love to make that dream come true you are totally freaked out at the idea of starting to do something to really make it to Osman.

I had a fear of public speaking throughout my whole adult life (recurring nightmares, palpitations, cold sweats), even though I’ve had over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. In the type of work that I now do as a Women's Business Coach and founder of a business community, that fear isn’t overly helpful.

So, I thought it would be really useful to be able to speak at events and share my message with a wider audience. I got really familiar with the theory behind public speaking. However, I was still absolutely terrified at the idea of putting any of it into practice and I spent too long avoiding actually doing something.

I took my topic of "I want to do public speaking but I'm terrified" to Osman. Working with him was enough to help me commit to myself to taking some practical steps in the real world. Then the doors really opened. Over the next 12 months, I was invited to give a dozen professional talks with my most recent being a 40 minutes inspirational talk to 120 coaches and change-makers at a London summit - and the response was simply humbling! My goal is now to do a TED Talk and become a transformational speaker on the international stage. Working with Osman opened up an amazing door, one which until that moment had been there 'in theory', but I had not been able to open, or even find the courage to take hold of the handle. He helped me take the scary steps in actually beginning to make that dream a reality!

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HR Consultant


I sought coaching after a difficult period in my life. My lifestyle had becoming increasingly characterised by fear and avoidance. I was struggling at work – I was unsure of myself and my self-confidence was waning fast. My home life was suffering. I had an extremely vulnerable state of mind.

I knew I needed to change - that was very clear. But I wasn’t sure how. After some research, I decided to look into coaching. It was the first time in my life I had considered this. My aim was to re-ignite my life, to accept and tackle head-on the trials and tribulations that come to us all, and to 'take off the hand-break' and gain the courage to embark upon new experiences and adventures. In a sentence, to bring myself out of my shell.

My choice of Osman was influenced by his appreciation of the impact of culture and heritage in life choices of British Asians, and his openness about his own difficulties in life. From our first meeting, I found Osman easy to relate to and down to earth. He has given me time and space to think through the choices I was making in life. He was not afraid to cut to the chase on difficult topics, yet do so with empathy and compassion.

Whilst working with him, I experienced the potent and liberating effect of being able to voice, in a safe environment, my fears and anxieties, and to explore my dreams. For the first time in my life, I felt at ease talking about my vulnerabilities. Osman's coaching has helped me re-evaluate my negative thought processes that were deep-set within me, and which resulted in the fearful way in which I was living my life.

I have since embarked upon some huge changes at both home and work – and am doing much better than I feel I would have done so without the right kind of help. I feel like I am back on track with my life, and am keen to further build on a newfound positive sense of self. I consider my decision to seek coaching a superb investment, and am grateful to Osman for his support.

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I approached Osman as I was struggling to stand out at work and get a promotion. A big part of my problem was the difficulty in showing my colleagues that I was able to take on the extra responsibility that a more senior role would bring. I wasn’t able to put myself out there enough and was getting deflated, which resulted in a lack of motivation and, frankly, me getting bored.

Osman was able to listen to me and understand exactly what was at the root of my general unhappiness and lack of confidence. He helped me learn to address this in a way that has resulted in amazing changes in the way I think and behave. For example, I realised through coaching that I had a subconscious fear of the way people perceived me, along with the feeling that I was not good enough. This meant that I never properly pushed myself, as much as I may have convinced myself that I did. I learnt that it is actually OK to have fear - and sometimes it can even be helpful. I learnt to understand the fear and how it manifests itself. I realised the way I reacted to this fear was the key to improving my confidence and performance. Osman helped me learn how to address and respond to this in a way that resulted in incredible changes in the way I behave. In the process of working with him, I also received great feedback from colleagues on how I seem more confident and, to top it off, got promoted!”

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Working with Osman completely changed my life!

I initially decided to get coaching to improve my confidence in my job and start working towards a promotion. Osman helped provide me with a great level of self-awareness and the right mental tools to look differently at things holding me back. He also challenged me to push myself in various ways. One of those in the early days of our working relationship was to apply for a promotion sooner rather than later as a test run, even though I wasn’t ready, which was a big step out of my comfort zone. As it happens I got promoted the first time I applied!

The biggest impact he had on me though was helping me realise, despite the promotion, what was really important to me.

I had become incredibly frustrated working somewhere so big, and also quite demotivated, even with the promotion. I started to seriously question what I wanted. This was tough, as the promotion was something I’d wanted for a while. And now I slowly realised it didn’t make me more satisfied with my career.

As a part-time business, I had been helping to run a Youtube channel, which I had a lot fun with and which had been pretty successful. Despite this, however, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do this full-time. It was a massive leap from the previous career and felt like a huge risk. However, I also knew I wasn’t happy in my current career so I felt pretty confused because I couldn’t see the best way out.

Osman helped me explore this and to answer the question of what I really wanted. He helped me clarify what was really important to me in my life and career. He did that through a process of insightful questioning, which was sometimes quite uncomfortable as it involved challenging thoughts and views I’d held for a long time! However, through this it became crystal clear that I would regret not giving self-employment a shot.

So that’s what I did. I took a career break and decided to work full-time on Youtube video production. It’s been really hard at times, as expected, but overall I’ve really enjoyed it and Osman has helped me become more resilient and confident throughout this time. It’s also gone so well that I had an approach from a larger company who are now buying the channel because of how well it has performed! The negotiations were challenging but there’s no doubt the resilience and confidence I built up through coaching helped me get a good deal.

Now I’m in a position where I can take some time to explore what to do next and what might motivate me. Even though I’m not sure what it is yet, I’m really excited about what’s to come and can’t believe how much things have changed! I’ve gone from being stuck in a corporate job that didn’t mean much to me, to being completely free to make my own choices – and that’s an amazing feeling. Coaching helped me make these changes, and for me it’s an absolute no-brainer!

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